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Taping Machine Typ JD for Europe

Automatic Desktop Banding Machine COM JD II

The COM JD II tabletop model automatic banding machine has a very compact design so that anyone can easily and quickly perform the banding progress. It’s made for universal application like bundling, tamper-evident closures oder labeling product (with printed banding tapes). The COM JD II desktop banding machine has a very unique feature in the construction of ist tape wheel, and the portions of the banding machine above the work surface have no mechanically driven components.

Usable for all standard banding materials:

  • Kraft paper banding tape in brown or white
  • MC paper banding tape
  • Duplex film banding tape in transparent
  • BOPP laminated banding tape
  • Printed banding tapes paper or film

For several industries like:

  • Print industry (bundling printed products)
  • Pharma industry (bundling boxes or medications, tamper-evident closures)
  • Corrugated industry (bundling cardboards)
  • Fruit and vegetable industry (bundling or labeling)
  • Food industry (labeling food, bowls or food boxes)
  • Textil and clothing industry (bundling shirts, jackets for transport or labeling)
  • Laundry industry
  • And many more

Highly efficient, secure banding of a wide variety of works.

  • Banding is several times more efficient than that of hand taping.
  • Banding with paper helps to reduce rubbish
  • Banding can help you to represent your products or brand better
  • Patented mechanism for smooth tape feeding and taping.
  • Heat adhesion system ensure very tight banding.
  • Items to be taped are free from any stain as no subsidiary materials (adhesives, hot melt etc.)are used.
  • Single winding design features tape cost saving.
  • Desk-top design features space saving and light weight for easy setting at any place.
desktop banding machine com jd II 2
spacer - desktop banding machine com jd II 2
display - desktop banding machine com jd II 2
housing - desktop banding machine com jd II 2
sample desktop banding machine com jd ii 2
sample postcards - desktop banding machine com jd ii 2

COM JD II Banding Machine Specifications

Model-Tape width(mm) JD-240 20/ 25/ 30/ 40
Width 425 mm
Height 400 mm
Depth 287 mm
Table height 230 mm
Power supply 115V/220V/230V/240V 50/60Hz
Allowable tape Paper tapes
Automatic Banding Machine COM JD II