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Semi Automatic Strapping Machine for Europe

TP 502 Semi Automatic Strapping Machine

Compact Mechanical Strapping Head
With 30% less moving parts than conventional machines substantially reduces maintenance issues. There are no belts, chains or pulleys. Extremely low noise sealing head.

Electronic Tension Control
Adjustment for wider strap tension (8-45 kg) can be easily done on the front control panel.

Adjustable Table Height
The table height is adjustable to any height between 780 mm and 950 mm.

More Features
Large Main Switch: The lockable CE rated large main power switch increases safe operation of the machine

Digital readout for tension and feed settings


Technische Daten

Strap Width 5 mm - 13 mm
Strap Tension 8 kg - 45 kg
Table Height 780 mm - 950 mm
Net Weight 70 kg
Electrical Requirements 110V, 220V, 230V / 50/60Hz / 1PH
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